Half an Orange’s “Sunscreen” out now on Monstercat

Half an Orange“Sunscreen” out now on Monstercat!

“Sunscreen” a track about high school love and feeling that regardless of what teenage drama life throws your way you’ll be ok because that person is like sunscreen, blocking out all the bad parts of life. A theme that goes along with the values of the duo who travel across the country to participate in various educational programs for underprivileged students.

This musically, creative duo stands out from the crowd as they animate and illustrate all their videos, and each of their tracks start as a poem. Originally from Ohio, their rather odd name comes from a Brazilian Portuguese Expression “meted da laranja,” meaning that everyone is looking for what completes them, the other half of their orange. The duo is comprised of Andrew Spellman, and Michael Maloof who are not only musicians but award winning animators as well thanks to their music videos for “Old Friends,” “End of the Moon,” and “Buzz Lightyear.”


Since 2018 the duo have been making waves after Ninja premiered their track “Old Friends” on his Twitch channel while streaming (Ninja eventually starred in “Old Friends” music video). “Sunscreen” is Half an Orange’s first single from their forthcoming “Mostly We Grow Pt.2” EP. 

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