PB Serves Up Delicious Treats at Croqueta Palooza

When Miami food lovers unite to vote for the best croquetas and fritas in town!

Miami is all about the food, the culture, and of course the authentic Cuban treats we all love – the Croqueta!  In honor of Croqueta month, Miami’s own Burger Beast put on the showdown we all love to chow down – Croqueta Palooza.

Croqueta Palooza was born out of the love we have for the authentic Cuban treat found all over South Florida. It’s a staple sold anywhere from gas stations, bakeries, to supermarkets and regardless of what nationality you are, we all love the croquetas.

It was a contest unlike any other and to make it even better, Burger Beast included a Frita Showdown into the mix.  For the first year, bakeries were able to compete in both competitions and I was lucky enough to get a backstage look at all the croqueta and frita madness while getting a behind the scenes look with Pinecrest Bakery. One of the leaders in the croqueta game in my opinion and the only bakery to actually compete in both the croqueta and frita categories.

Many bakeries from all over South Florida brought their A-game when it came to claiming rights to the best croquetas in town.  Some created special editions just for this night in hopes of earning the crown.  For Pinecrest Bakery, they stuck to the classics, the Jamon, the Chicken, and one of the crowd favorites, the Bacalao.

I was able to taste some of the competitors and some brought in new versions such as the Ropa Vieja croqueta along with some of the local favorites from Islas Canarias, and FINKA and although all were very tasty, I’m a classic kind of girl and definitely enjoyed the chicken croqueta from PB the most.

One of the items that set Pinecrest Bakery apart from the rest – their secret sauce. A combination of white chocolate and other secret ingredients that literally made your taste buds dance. It was a perfect mesh of sweet, savory, and salty.

And because no matter what, you always have to save room for dessert, Pinecrest Bakery had you covered. I mean, seriously, their spread was unlike any of the competitors bringing with them a little bit of everything to make sure they pleased every palate.  From chocolate mousse, miniature flans, tres leches, and so much more, it was a dessert lovers dream.

Just like when you stop by one of their many locations, Pinecrest Bakery has what you need or want, baked fresh daily. Sit in and enjoy with a little cafecito, or select a variety to enjoy at home with family and friends.

“It was in dessert heaven! I found myself going back for seconds and thirds to try each one of their desserts, they all looked so good!” Patricia, Croqueta Palooza attendee.

“I thought my Tres Leches was the best in the world, but after trying PB’s, I think it’s definitely the best in the world.” – Anna, Croqueta Palooza attendee.

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At the end of the contest, over 1000 attendees voted and although PB put up a close fight, the winner of the Frita Showdown was El Rey De Las Fritas for an impressive fifth year in a row.

On the croqueta side, the winner was Doce Provisions as their favorite with Sakaya Kitchen coming in 2nd place.  It was a celebration of culture and delicious treats; although PB didn’t take the win, they did wow the crowds with their sauce, their croquetas, and best of all their desserts which makes them winners in my book.

In case you weren’t able to attend Croqueta Palooza, no need to worry, you can get all these delicious treats 24-hours a day at any of the Pinecrest Bakeries located around town. From the beach to the Keys, PB is there for you to indulge in authentic pastries all night long.


To learn more about Pinecrest Bakery’s delicious menu and locations head to http://www.pinecrestbakery.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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