Wynwood Welcomes Kiji Cuzco to 5th Avenue Corner

Wynwood welcomes funky new Peruvian eatery, Kiji Cuzco.  Opening its doors in late 2016 this a little-hidden gem is serving up a delicious fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

Located on the corner of the Wynwood 5th Avenue, the spot can easily be missed from the outside so look closely when walking. Since its doors opened, Kiji Cuzco has become a gathering for locals and all those who travel through the Wynwood Arts District.

Walk in and you’re greeted by a giant Gorilla that leads into a sleek space with neon paintings on the wall that light up under the black lights, hanging flowers, and an eclectic mix of that Wynwood vibe and Japanese style. The name, just like everything else, is a fusion of Peru and Japan with “Kiji” representing the brightly colored national bird of Japan, and “Cuzco” representing the city of the sun in Peru.

The extensive menu includes a variety of dishes created by Chef Carlos Barbieri. Ceviches such as their Ceviche Kiji a favorite –a delicious traditionally marinated fresh fish with yellow pepper or Rocoto sauce. The Kiji Cuzco Rolls, traditional Japanese rolls with a Peruvian twist, include the I Love Koko –a crispy roll with scallops, avocado, and asparagus, accompanies by coconut fish ceviche. The menu’s “From Peru” section includes traditional dishes such as Lomo Saltado, a variety of Chaufa, and Tallarines Verdes

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Because I am a major food lover (closet fat girl over here) and can’t say no, I just had to try a few menu items for myself and I was not disappointed.  For starters, I had the Passion fruit Salmon Tiradito which is simply just that. Thinly sliced salmon bathed in passion fruit sauce topped with ikura eggs – it’s a medley of flavors in your mouth that gives you that perfect combination of sweet, savory, and salty.

Next up, which I highly recommend, was the Angry Eel Roll- sweet eel and cream cheese, crispy tempura roll topped with tuna, and crab mix bathed in space rococo mayo; and the Kiji Cuzco Roll. Now that was just a party on a plate- white fish and shrimp acevichado, sweet potato and topped with more white fish, leche de Tigre sauce, and white cropland acevichada sauce.

I didn’t stop there. To get the whole experience, I had to try the Lomo Saltado and one of the house specialties, the Seafood Chaufa. The Lomo Saltado is a traditional Peruvian cuisine and quite possibly one of my favorite dishes and packed with flavor. At Kiji Cuzco, the juicy tenderloin Flambeau steak is sauteed in a wok with red onions, tomato, and finished with fresh cilantro accompanied with French fries and rice.  And because carbs were definitely my friend this night, I continued my feast with the Seafood Chaufa, which is a seafood fried rice topped with an over-easy egg- all kinds of yum!

The concept behind Kiji Cuzco was to embody everything owners loved about the fresh and healthy cuisine of Peru and Japan, and combine with their love of art.  Wynwood was the perfect location to attract foodies and art lovers alike.  The artwork that runs throughout is all created by local artists and the owners’ aim is to please both your eyes and your taste buds. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED GUYS!

Kiji Cuzco is located on the corner of Wynwood 5th Avenue. They’re open Tuesday through Sunday from 12 pm on with Happy Hour from 5 pm – 8 pm Wednesday through Friday. Sunday Brunch is served from 12 pm – 5 pm.

Kiji Cuzco
2451 NW 5th Ave., Wynwood, FL. 33127

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