Cocktail Alert with Bombay Sapphire Gin

Because any season is a great season for cocktails,this year Bombay Sapphire EAST Gin is teaming up with Top Chef champion and James Beard Award-winning Chef Paul Qui from Miami’s newest ‘Pao by Paul Qui’ at the Faenato celebrate a fusion of flavors with a cool, crisp gin cocktail! 

I introduce –  Year of the Fire Monkey Silk Journey.  This specialty cocktail is part of the 7th Annual LUCKYRICE Grand Feast and will transport you to Asia with exotic flavors. And just in case you can’t make it to the Feast, here is the recipe for you to enjoy and test your mixology skills.


2oz Bombay Sapphire East Gin
0.75oz Fresh Lime juice
0.5oz Pomegranate syrup
2oz Oolong and mandarin tea
Shaken and served long over ice and topped with Ginger beer.
Garnish with large orange zest and potentially either candied ginger or pomegranate seeds.


Each ingredient from the “Silk Journey” is inspired by Asian Culture with a bold red color. This signature drink combines ingredients with great significance in Chinese culture while integrating popular ingredients in Western culture such as ginger beer. Pomegranates symbolize large families and health while mandarins are one of the luckiest fruits for the year. Lastly, Oolong Tea is a New Year’s Day staple for well wishes passed on by generation to generation. It’s drank by the eldest family member first, then onto the next eldest, and so forth.” – Bombay Sapphire North American Brand Ambassador Gary Hayward.



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1 Comment on Cocktail Alert with Bombay Sapphire Gin

  1. boydkobe // 02/24/2019 at 12:16 pm // Reply

    Gorgeous looking cocktail! It sounds so delicious too. Can’t wait to try these, everyone will love them.

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