Batch Gastropub Introduces Holiday Shot

Batch Gastropub is getting in to the holiday spirit with seasonal treats that are sure to be fan favorites. For a limited time only, guests can enjoy the Pecan Jameson Bacon Brownie a delectable treat paired with an IPA Chocolate Mousse or indulge in the seasonally inspired Pumpkin Bomb.

The mixologists at Batch are always inventing seasonal cocktails and creating concoctions to please any palette and as an added bonus they’re sharing their recipe for the limited time, Pumpkin Bomb so you can make all year long.


So if you can’t make it in to Batch to try this yummy-licious take on a saki bomb, here’s the recipe so you can show off  your skills in your home.

Batch Gastropub Pumpkin Bomb
1. Line half the rim of a pint glass in caramel, then dip in cinnamon sugar.
2. Fill the pint glass half way with Shipyard pumpkin or your favorite pumpkin beer.
3.Fill half of a shot glass with fireball whiskey or vodka- we make ours in house!
4.Top the shot glass with Baileys.
5. Boom! Drop and enjoy.

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