Coco Dishes About Her Pregnancy on an E! Exclusive

We all love to watch them on TV with their one-of-kind, crazy love between Actress/Model Nicole “Coco” Austin and Actor/ Rapper Ice T. Now the talk-show host, fitness enthusiast and reality star is gearing up for a new journey as she welcomes her first child with her hubby and she’s giving everyone the inside scoop through her very own blog exclusive blog on E!  This week Coco launched Coco’s Pregnancy Blog with her first post, I Couldn’t Believe I Was Expecting and will be the newest celebrity blogger to hit the entertainment news site. She’s taking us all on her journey to parenthood and the birth of her baby girl named Chanel.

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In her first post Coco talks about making her choice to finally have a baby

There’s a lot of first-time women out there that are just like me who are freaking out about having babies and having kids and sometimes they wait so long that they don’t have children so I want to set the record clear of what I’m going through so maybe someone can go, ‘Maybe it’s not so bad’ or ‘Maybe I just need to make it happen.’ (Courtesy of E!)

She also talks about the day she found about her pregnancy and her excitement for the two pink lines to show up on the test.

I got off the pill in late January after 17 years and to my surprise in March, I started feeling symptoms, almost a psychic ability inside of me that said you’re about to be pregnant, watch out! I tuned into my psychic. Some people say you get psychic when you get pregnant—such truth!

To my surprise, two pink lines showed up positive when I took a pregnancy test and I freaked out. I couldn’t believe that psychic intuition was the truth and I started balling, crying like crazy. Not like a happy cry but like ‘OMG! I’m stunned. It’s so easy to get pregnant.’ I didn’t believe it at first. (Courtesy of E!)

For the full post head over to E! Online and make sure to follow Coco and Ice T in the next phase of their life together as they get ready for baby Chanel!

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