TooJay’s Celebrates 35 Years Serving Floridians

I walked in to the TooJay’s Gourment Deli in Plantation and I felt like I was at home. The friendly staff, the fresh scent of baked bread, the case of fresh deli meats and cheeses,  and of course, the irresistible desserts. It reminded me of the food I enjoyed growing up in the northeast.

Founded in 1981, TooJay’s has become a beloved spot amongst Floridians, with 26 restaurants throughout the state serving up traditional New York Style Delicatessen favorites from corned beef piled high on thick slices of freshly baked rye to classic Reubens and chicken noodle soup. TooJay’s extensive menu offers lighter entrée’s along with a famed selection of freshly baked desserts, and homestyle comfort food entrees to please anyone’s appetite.

Created by Jay Brown and Mark Jay Katzenberg, the two “Jays” who combined their names to form the “brand”. The partners’ first deli was established on the island of Palm Beach, where it is still open and flourishing today. Since its inception, this sense of tradition has been part of TooJay’s company culture and you can taste it in everything you eat as well as the way the staff speaks to you. It’s as though you are at home. T

his year TooJay’s is celebrating 35-years of delicious homestyle authentic goodness and I had the pleasure of checking out some of the menu items myself.  To start off I went for the suggested Loaded Latkes; crispy homemade potato pancake bites topped with melted Cheddar, smokehouse bacon, fresh tomatoes, sour cream and chopped scallions- think loaded nachos but better, much, MUCH better! IMAG1406 Then time for the main course. I opted for a traditional deli style Turkey BLT with avocado made with slow roasted turkey on a BLT served with Russian dressing and a side a cole slaw.  This was no skimpy sandwich, there was enough deli meat on their to make 2 sandwiches! IMAG1410 My extremely happy plus 1 had the Beef Brisket sliders; Lean brisket with caramelized onions and Provolone cheese, baked in French bread served with fries, cole slaw and a crispy pickle on the side.  The brisket was extremely tender and melted in your mouth, the sandwich was simple, yet packed with flavor in each bite. IMAG1408 And then it was time for dessert- I literally died and went to chocolate heaven! When you have freshly baked desserts, you can’t just have one slice so of course I opted for the Dessert Combo for Two, perfect for sharing and lets you enjoy any two slices of their signature cakes for just $6.99. Challenge accepted!  I indulged in a a double dose of chocolatey deliciousness with a slice of the Chocolate Cheese Delight (layers of moist chocolate cake separated by a layer of their famous New York style cheesecake) and the Chocolate Layer Cake (three layers of rich chocolate cake with a special fudge icing)-  drops spoon, game over! IMAG1414 Perfect end to an already great lunch taking me back to my roots growing up in the northeast. “What we have served for over 35 years and tens of thousands of diners, is fresh, authentic and traditional dishes that diners are actively seeking” says Dennis Snuszka, VP of Culinary Standards, “After generations of serving Floridians, it is an exciting time for us because our neighborhoods know TooJay’s means deli. No one says, “let’s get some deli food.” They say, ‘let’s get TooJay’s.”   Congratulation’s and to many more years of authentic, traditional cooking for Floridians to enjoy! TooJay’s is located throughout the state, to find a location near you go to

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