Calls to Cuba, Just Got Easier With Rebtel

This year has been quiet a year for Cuba and all my Cuban friends are so excited about everything that’s been happening.  We celebrated the 15-year anniversary of the widely publicized and controversial extraction of Elián González, the United States announced the approval of ferry boats to Cuba after 50 years, I mean that’s major,  and now calling your relatives in Cuba just got easier.  Rebtel, the leading player in low-cost international calling, now has amazing services that can be used to call family and friends in Cuba without breaking your bank.

In the past it was pretty expensive to make a call to an island that’s less than 90 miles away from the United States.  There were not enough telephone networks and due to the lack of options for phone service providers, calling home would only be reserved for special occasions.  Now more and more companies are offering VoIP service and making the connection is now just a click away.

Through services provided by Rebtel calls to Cuba have never been easier. With just $10 you can have up to 35 minutes on calls to Cuba to use any time day or night. All you need is WiFi, 3G or local access numbers and you’re easily connected. The best part about it is that there are no contracts, no hidden fees and it works with practically any phone. How amazing is that?!

Now you can pick up the phone to call abuela for the family recipe to your favorite dishes like pernil and moros y cristianos, chit-chat con los primos, or call a friend simply to say hello whenever you feel like it.  It’s that simple. Expensive phone bills are now a thing of the past thanks to Rebtel.

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