Phazing Music Announces Ruben Haze


Get ready for the newest project from international superstars DJ Dirty South and vocalist Rudy Sandapa (you know, the guy behind “Let it Go” and “Phazing”) as they present Ruben Haze.  Dirty South and Rudy are proud to announce the forthcoming debut 4-track EP ‘CITY OF DREAMS’ on Phazing music.

The upcoming release will launch the new collaborative live-act Ruben Haze.  Who is Ruben Haze? He is a fictional character, sketched out as a passion venture from the minds of Austrian born electro and progressive house producer/DJ Dirty South aka Dragan Roganovic andvocalist Rudy Sandpapa.

 “We wanted to give ourselves a platform to put out music for years. Music for the ages. Ruben Haze gives us a chance to do that and throughout the past year Ruben Haze has truly taken on a life of his own”

The full-length EP is a live orientated band project with each track seething with gently building string elements alongside ethereal vocals and infectious melodies.

The enigmatic collective are as visually stimulating as they are to hear. Opting to be represented by beautifully executed artwork, the preferential ‘mature’ comic book illustrations enhance the audio wholly and will be released alongside the EP with the PDF booklet of the comic being available via iBook for free.

The lead track off the EP, “City of Dreams’ is most well-known as the #1 hit dance music single by Dirty South and Alesso which continues to be a favorite in the electronic music scene.  The tracks for the EP were carefully chosen and will include ‘City Of Dreams’ along with ‘Phoenix’, ‘Johnny Rocket Man’ and ‘One Way Ticket’.

‘City Of Dreams’ will be available to pre-order from iTunes on March 11th

Check out Check out the full EP here:

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