My City, My Space, My Music- My Philips Experience


As a Nightlife Editor for I spend my days and nights listening to music.  From house, electro, hip-hop, Latin, and even a little country; I’m constantly on the search for the latest and greatest new artists, up and coming DJs, and always putting the volume on blast to get lost in the music.  With my Philips CitiScape Uptown headphones I’m able to tune out the world and transport myself in to the music as if I were listening to it LIVE in front of me.

Philips CitiScape Headband Headphones are lightweight, comfortable on the ears, and with their retro look I feel as if I’m working in an old-school studio giving me that authentic pro feel.  With the Uptown line I am able to put the music at full volume and no one around me can tune in to what I’m listening to.

I’ve been using the CitiScape Uptown headphones while at home and when I’m on the street I switch it up to my Philips Underground headphones. The sleek design and flat cable makes it almost impossible to get tangles and the sound quality is incredible.  I use these mostly while running at the gym, walking in the streets, and even while driving in my car.  The buds fit comfortably into the ear and create a secure seal that prevents sound from going anywhere but to my auditory senses.

I am definitely a fan of the new Philips CitiScape Headphone line and recommend all music lovers invest in these whether you like the retro feel or the invisible bud style. Both lines are a must for music lovers everywhere.  Coming from someone who has her headphones blasting almost 15 hours of the day listening to artists such as Skrillex, Shermanolgy, Maroon 5, and other Billboard chart toppers; these headphones are a music lovers dream.

With my Philips Underground and My Philips CitiScape headphones, it’s #MyMusic #MyCiti.

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