Masquerade Motel Premiers Room 101


It’s finally here- the most anticipated show of Winter Music Conference will shortly open it’s gates for a two day, 8-hour musical event that has everyone buzzing.  Are you ready for Swedish House Mafia’s Masquerade Motel?? The countdown is on and doors will open on Friday and Saturday in Grand Central Downtown from 3pm to 11pm each day with performances by Calvin Harris, Alesso, AN21, No_I.D, and more.  It’s going to be an amazing show featuring plenty of surprises!

This year to make Masquerade Motel an even more spectacular event, nightlife guru Michael Satsky and partner Brian Gefter (owners of the posh lounge Provocateur in NYC), have teamed up with Swedish House Mafia to introduce Room 101.  Room 101 is a 3,000 square foot, invitation only lounge located within the Masquerade Motel grounds at Grand Central Park where you can have a perfect view of all the action while living it up in style and elegance.

Invited guests will experience a full day of Masquerade Motel performances in Room 101’s private, luxurious VIP area with direct sightlines to the stage, private entryway, catered dining, private bar and table service.  Built over 7-feet off the ground, Room 101 will allow its guests to overlook the audience of over 12,000 attendees, providing a truly authentic VIP experience within the confines of a large format electronic music show.

I caught up with Michael Satsky to get an inside scoop of Room 101 and here is what he had to say.

Q:  What gave you the inspiration and the idea to create Room 101 and team up with Swedish House Mafia?

A: Swedish House Mafia we have always seen they fill their shows to capacity, in the past it has always been our brand, which is Provacateur, we’ve always integrated that in to the Swedish House Mafia’s large performance events, but what we wanted to do is, we came up with a Room 101 concept, which is essentially the Presidential Suite of Masquerade Motel which is their global brand and we wanted to build a brand that we would own with the Swedish House Mafia.  So what we did is we developed Room 101 and we are partners 50/50 with Swedish House Mafia and that will be their Global VIP Brand which no other artist in rock or electronic music has their own private Members only brand.  There is no way to purchase tables, or an area inside, it will be invite only.

Q: How would someone get an invite to Room 101?

A: Personal relationships with the guys from Swedish House Mafia as well personal invites from myself or my partner Brian Gefter.

Q: Once inside, what can guests expect to experience?

A:  They will experience a fully self-contained private experience within a festival environment.  Very exclusive, they will be coming to their own entry, taken through a grand walkway in to their Room 101 venue, they will then walk through a staircase into Room 101.  Once they enter that will put them in a stage front, raised experience, with it’s own intelligent lighting, it’s own chyrogenics, private dance floor, and private seating.  A private Members Club inside a music festival.

There it is, even more to look forward to at this year’s Masquerade Motel, introducing Room 101, a new way to experience one of the greatest music festivals of the year that is taking you to a whole new level.

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